Five Questions for Brenna K. Murphy

Artspan sits down with Brenna K. Murphy

Silhouettes (Rocking Chair II)

You use human hair as your medium, which seems surprising and unusual, at first, but actually has a place in art history. I’ve seen Victorian art and jewelry made with the artist’s hair, which seems like an incredibly personal way to express oneself. Was this a tradition you were aware of when you started working with hair? Have you discovered other examples of artists working with hair throughout history or in your travels?

I was relatively unaware of how hair has been used in traditional craft-work and contemporary art when I first began using it in my own work, but once hair became a part of my practice, I began learning a lot about its history in art. Victorian hair jewelry and funeral wreaths were some of the first hair art-objects I encountered, and I’ve been in love with them ever since. There is a museum in Missouri, Leila’s Hair Museumthat I am dying to visit – they have a huge collection of Victorian era hair work and they offer workshops on the techniques used to make these incredible objects.

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Ten Places to Submit Your Jewelry or Craft Online

Bird Box #9

Bird Box #9

A few weeks ago we published a post listing sites that will share a photo and a link of your artwork. Many of our Artspan members also make jewelry, textiles, and decorative arts, so we assembled a list of sites that will accept jewelry, wearables, and other handmade items. If you can think of any that we should add, let us know!

Bracelet by Clare Marshall

Bracelet by Clare Marshall

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Four Questions for Roger Aslin

Artspan sits down with Roger Aslin.

Your work reminds me almost of film stills…the sense that you’re glimpsing one moment of a story, and it will continue in another scene elsewhere. This is heightened by the fact that we often see the back of the figure and they’re on the phone…making them more cut off from the viewer, but connected to whomever they’re talking to. Do you think of your images in terms of characters and stories? Do you ever know the subjects of your work? Do you choose subjects who fit your particular palette, or do you alter their appearance to make them fit into your vision?

The Unexpected Text

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Ten Places to Submit your Artwork Online

A great way to attract traffic to your Artspan site is to submit your work to various design blogs and online galleries. Submission takes only a few minutes, and you can submit an image and a link to your Artspan site. Here’s a list of ten sites that feature various types of art in different mediums, but there are many others. Find one that’s right for your work!

Colossal, an Art Design and Visual Culture Blog

Eat Sleep Draw

Hi Fructose

Deviant Art

Artist a Day



Lines and Colors

Artists Inspire Artists

Curating the Unseen