An Interview with Sheen Ochavez

Artspan sits down with painter Sheen Ochavez


Thoughts on Life and Painting:

“The act of painting is like trying to get to one’s own skin, addressing one’s own weaknesses, unearthing one’s own prejudices, fears and limitations. One becomes a perpetual student in attempting to get better at handling life at handling colours so as to be able to compose a piece worthy of all the sleepless nights. Learn. Unlearn. The cycle continues as one adapts to what works best.”

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Ten Sites to Search for Resources for Artists


Wildflower Meadow – Michael Harrison

It can be difficult to balance your creative and professional life. It can be hard to keep up with your bills and find time to paint or draw or pursue your craft, whatever it may be. The cost of supplies, alone, can be prohibitive. I’m sure we’ve all wished for a benefactor or patron at some point in our careers! Luckily, there are a surprising number of philanthropic organizations just waiting to help you out with artists’ grants! Grants range from a hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and with a little work you’ll find the right grant for you.  We’ve compiled a list of sites and organizations to help you in your search.

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An Interview with Kerry-Fleur Schleifer

Spirit and Flesh in Seamless Existence

Questions for Kerry-Fleur Schleifer


What types of subject matter do you find most resonant with your creative ideas?

•Birds -spiritually and other worldly.

•Revealing spirit and flesh in seamless existence.

•Aboriginal tribes and their use of body art.

•The idea of weaving and layering. Transparency within the layers of depth.

•Spirit inside of human and nature’s flesh.

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Five Questions for Peter Davies

Artspan sits down with painter Peter Davies

1. I love your story of rediscovering art after a decades-long hiatus. Did art play a part in your life in the interim? Did you visit museums or read art books?

I didn’t make a point of visiting galleries, museums or reading art books. Painting hadn’t played a part in my life during the time I worked offshore in the North Sea and any artistic abilities I had I guided into other creative forms of expression once I returned home, such as guitar playing, gardening and cooking. 

I’ve always thought certain people look at the world with a painterly eye, whether or not they actually paint. Is this true of you?

I don’t think that’s particularly true for me although I’ve always tried to express my artistic feelings in some way or another but not always through paint.
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An interview with Teresa Lawler

Artspan sits down with painter Teresa Lawler

The Brothers - Ray and Roger

The Brothers – Ray and Roger

What types of subject matter do you find most resonant with your creative ideas?

My paintings deal with various subjects but I have always been drawn to people – whether it’s some form of portraiture or featuring the figure in a wider context. Although I trained as a painter ( Newcastle and the post grad school at the Slade) I’ve also worked as a set designer in TV and theatre in the past and elements of the screen often appear in my work in the way a subject is lit or a narrative is implied.

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