Five Questions for Kelly Burke

Opposing Forces in Nature

An interview with abstract painter Kelly Burke

 Toujours Fidele

Your work seems very personal and connected to your mood or your view of the world on a particular day. You strike an interesting balance between feelings and ideas…the vague and the specific, the soft and the harsh. Do you paint in response to specific events in your life or the world around you? Do you find that your mood changes while you paint…that the very act of exploring your state of mind changes your state of mind?

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Five Artists Who Kept Their Day Job


Henry Darger (1892-1973) Henry Darger, an outsider artist, was orphaned at a young age, and grew up in a succession of boys’ homes and asylums. At the age of 16, he escaped, and found work as a custodian in a Catholic Hospital, a job he held until he retired in 1963. Larger compiled stories thousands of pages long, and made beautiful inscrutable illustrations for them.

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