Website Makeover: Eve Ozer

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 8.23.25 PM

The Final Result

Eve Ozer‘s art is full of movement and light. She works in a wide variety of media: acrylic, oil, cold wax, ink, mixed media… Given the brightness and vivacity of the images, I thought that a calm, rich background would best suit her work.

Eve was using one of our oldest templates, which wasn’t mobile-friendly. I switched her to a newer template, which meant that the navigation bar ran along the top instead of down the lede sign. She wanted to keep the navigation bar items in one row, so we chose a small, clear font, and she deleted some pages that she deemed unimportant.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 2.26.43 PM


The image on Eve’s original home page, though striking, was aligned incorrectly to view to best advantage on the page. The lower half of the image and the writing below were cut off on most computer screens. So we switched it for one with a more horizontal alignment, and then adjusted the background colors to pick up some of the tones in the new image.


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