Website Makeover – Cathy Leaycraft


The Final Result

“I strive for a dreamlike quality, and a sense of timelessness.” Cathy Leaycraft‘s beautiful, haunting images are created without the use of computer manipulation Rather, she photographs them through a glass sphere.¬†“I do not directly photograph the landscape. I photograph its reflection on the glass surface; the environments behind and below the sphere create additional layers of imagery. On occasion, I insert an object into my sphere thus creating a reflected, surreal world for my selected subject.”

Cathy was using one of our older templates, which wasn’t mobile-friendly, and which meant she only had access to our older fonts. She agreed to let me update her site.



Because her work is complicated and striking, we agreed that a simple background was the best. In this vein, I kept the simple white background she had chosen. I moved the picture of her art in a home to the artist’s statement page, in order to keep the home page as uncluttered as possible. And I removed the artist’s portrait for the same reason, and ¬†because she already had portraits on her biography pages. I updated the fonts and the colors of the text, to make the whole page seem cleaner and more interesting. I increased the font size for her name, to make it more clearly the title of the page. And then I let the work speak for itself!

If you would like a website makeover contact me at If you’d like to try to update your own site, look in the tutorials section of your control panel to learn how to use all the design tools.





3 thoughts on “Website Makeover – Cathy Leaycraft

  1. I feel the site shows a burst of color that keeps my eye focused for a good amount of time, even to the point where I used my zoom to see more. Also the example of a piece of your work in a living room is A++. I like it…… Jim


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