Website Makeover: Dede Farrar


The Final Result

Dede Farrar does vibrant and unusual paintings of pets, wildlife, and working animals. She asked for a website makeover, and we were glad to give her one.

We began by adding a home page. A simple page with a striking image is often the best way to lead a viewer into your site. I picked a lovely, bright picture of a dog who seems to be inviting you in. The picture is very warm, so I picked up some of the cooler highlights for the colors of the site itself.

I chose a playful font for the title, and a simpler sans-serif font for the rest of the text. I also edited the text quite a bit on the home page itself. I shortened the title and the description and otherwise further limited the text on the page to avoid a confusion of information for a new visitor to the site. Though it’s important to have a fair amount of text on your site for SEO purposes, it’s best to contain it in the further pages of the site.




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