Website Makeover Will Hübscher


The Result

Will Hübscher is one of our most accomplished and talented artists. We love his curious assemblages and his evocative and thought-provoking monotypes. So when he asked us to spruce up his site, we were more than happy to oblige.

The first thing we noticed was that his home page was a little cluttered, which meant that all of the picture and text didn’t fit on even a fairly large computer screen unless you zoomed out. We decided to move one picture and some of the text to another page on the site, which enabled us to simplify the home page. We chose one of his newer works, a beautiful and striking monotype overlaid with watercolor paint, to feature on the home page. We love the deep black-blue in the background of the image, and we decided to borrow that for the background of the site. It’s not too far off from the black of his original site, so it’s still strikingly simple, but it seemed to have a little more depth. We also made Hubscher’s title much larger and a warm bright color, so that it stands out on the page, and we updated it to one of our more current fonts. The photo and text from the home page we moved to an “artist’s statement” page, which should help to attract search engine traffic to the site.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 2.26.59 PM.png


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