Welcome to Artspan’s Blog!

Hello, and welcome to Artspan’s  new blog. This will be a place for the Artspan community to learn what’s new, to share news and work, and to talk to all of the other Artspan  members about what’s going on with their lives and their work. We’ll be sharing articles, collections, member news, resources, and a host of other information.



My name is Claire and I’m the content editor at Artspan, and I will be the organizer of the Artspan blog. You can learn more about me at my own blog Out of the Ordinary. I’d love to include your ideas or posts, so please contact me at claire@artspan.com.

Let us know what you’d like to see here, what you’d like to read about, what you’d like to talk to other artists about!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Artspan’s Blog!

  1. Hi Claire
    i would love to share my Art/Travel blogsite about a FANTASTIC Figurative Ceramics WORKSHOP i am offering on Skopelos – a truly authentic Greek island paradise.
    there is an inspirational Prelude – 1 week before workshop – to Crete and Athens.
    here is the link
    i also have photos which you could link to on my Gallery pages – Greek workshop gallery
    i will appreciate hearing back from you and having this includes.


    • Hello Suzy, This sounds like an exciting adventure! I will be glad to share this news in the June Newsletter, but I’m afraid it’s too late for May. Thanks!


  2. Hi Claire! Thanks again to you and artspan for publishing the blog on “So I was Kurt Cobain’s Art Teacher”. I received very
    positive remarks and feedback from that article. Currently I am involved with a project in my hometown of Olympia, Wa. Readers are encouraged to view the facebook page for City of Olympia-government. There you will see an opportunity to vote on up to 10 designs that will be applied to vinyl and wrapped around traffic control boxes in our downtown and Westside. My design, “Night Life”, by Robert Hunter, is included with the downtown group of designs. I would truly appreciate your vote by hitting the “like” button. Results will be made available to the public in August.
    Hope you all are having a Great Summer! Bob Hunter


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