Five Questions for LINDA ADATO

Artspan sits down with Brooklyn-based printmaker Linda Adato.


I love the lines and angles of your work, which are distinctive of urban art, but I love the sort of warm glow that suffuses it as well, that gives it life. The light and shadows are so evocative of a time of day or a time of year that your images almost feel like a memory of an actual time and place. To me your images are somewhat wistful and mysterious, suggesting a million stories glimpsed through windows and around corners. What mood do you hope to evoke with your work? How do you capture the color and slant of light at various times of day. Do you work from memory or photographs or sketches?

I often start an image from a photograph that I have taken, but also work directly from sketches from my immediate surroundings. I begin, of course, with the composition and ideas come to mind in the development of the image. The light and colors are no less important and involve much trial and error to achieve the right relationships between that and the geometry of the composition. I don’t intend any mood you speak of, which may nevertheless result from the aesthetics I try to achieve.

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