Five Questions for LOUISE DeMASI

Artspan sits down with water color artists Louise De Masi.


Your work seems more defined than many watercolors—with more detail and harder edges. How do you achieve this effect? 

I am a lover of detail. I seek order and I like everything to be neat and tidy. I suppose my art reflects that part of my personality. It’s difficult for me to be loose and free.  I worked for a long time in acrylic paint and I produced highly detailed paintings. Watercolor is a new medium for me. I have only been using it for a few years.

To achieve a more defined look I prefer to use Hot pressed paper. It’s smoother and allows me to add lots of layers to achieve greater detail. I use a larger brush to paint the initial washes but then I switch to smaller, finer brushes to achieve the detail that I am after.

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Inside Here

An Interview with KM Bosy

KM Bosy’s Inside Here is both an artwork and a downloadable app. It’s a locative and interactive artwork based on poetic symbols related to space, altitude and daydreaming. She agreed to answer a few questions to help us better understand the project.

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